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Hello! I am Dylan (MidnightSlicer). Welcome to my blog! This is my place to be on the internet. My home. Welcome in! This site basically contains my personal thoughts and ideas that I want to write down. I find writing to be therapeutic and it encourages creativity.

What do I do?

I am a software developer. I have not fully established my place in the world, but I like mobile development as well as server-side stuff. I am a open source software enthusiast and I want to spread the message of software freedom and security to everyone.

This site is still under active development!

I want to add a few more sections to this site, but this is my starting point. Realistically, I don't think I will ever remove this section. Do you know a software developer and computer lover who can leave something be? I certainly don't. I am using the barf template to get me started, but I plan to modify it to some extent and I may even switch later on.


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