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Hello! My name is Dylan! Welcome to my blog. A little about myself... I am a Christian ✝️, I am an American 🇺🇸, I am a computer enthusiast 🖳, and I am a software developer 🖮. I care a lot about personal privacy and freedom. My goal is to make privacy and freedom accessible to anyone by creating guides and offering suggestions on this blog.

I grew up on a small farm in a rural part of the country and I love it. I have worked on a ranch around cattle and other animals, and I love being outside. I am studying for a Bachelors in software development, and I am excited to graduate soon. Anyway, welcome to my blog! Take a look around and enjoy the content. I have funny stuff, thought experiments, and of course, guides. Enjoy!

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This site does not use cookies, trackers, analytics, or any other garbage that defines the modern bloated and spyware ridden web of current year. If you feel genuinely moved or intrigued by one of my posts, please feel free to reach out! That will mean so much more to me than fake internet points (views). If you have something sensitive to say feel free to encrypt it with my PGP keys.

Email: dylan AT mnsr DOT win

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